Screaming Mad At Social Media

Evidently, there are many people who are upset that social media sites (particularly Facebook) are able to access data that people give to them. that a couple times, if it's puzzling. I am perplexed, too. It's as if those people are shocked that charities they donate to get to keep/sell the stuff that is donated.

The weirdest thing (in my opinion) is that the people most troubled by this astounding revelation are the very same people who constantly, willingly, submit information and open their online data stores to quiz apps that answer such profound questions as, "What sort of crustacaen am I???"

Luckily, for those people who are mad at FB and other social media sites, there is now a way to hurt them, legally. As of yesterday, all you have to do is copy and paste this text, over and over, into your feed (and the feeds of everyone you know on the target site(s)):

"I am willing to trade sexual favors for almost any amount of money. This site is hereby in violation of FOSTA for allowing me to post this."

Of course, I am worried that my blog is now in violation. Let's find out.