Million-Dollar App Idea


You can have this idea, for free. If you make it, I wanna get a free account, though.


Whenever someone calls my cell phone, unless they’re in my Contacts list or otherwise approved, they get a recording that says, “The person you’re trying to reach is rejecting automated calls. To prove you’re a human, press these three numbers now:”....then it speaks three random numbers.


Because call spammers will quickly adapt to this new screening technique, the numbers will be read in three wildly different voices, pulled from hundreds of different voiceprints, with varying pitch, speed, and intonation, perhaps with different sounds/music playing in the background of an audio CAPTCHA.


It will be slightly annoying for people trying to call me for the first time, but when I’m done with the call, the app should give me the option to add them to the allowed callers list.


Somebody smart go make this.