Anatomy Of A Troubleshooting Session

- I wake up. Sit down at laptop, quickly notice there are aberrant issues with the keyboard: certain keys do not work, but the rest do.

- I freeze all my work/open resources. Immediately start searching for info about malware that attacks only specific keyboard keys.

- Reboot.

- Do a quickscan. No hits.

- Look over my restore points, just to make sure I still have my current data.

- Check hardware drivers, make sure they are all up to date.

- Search for more info about malware, particularly for certain apps (browser/Office). Spend a good half-hour reading about funky viruses.

- Girlfriend wakes up. I tell her that some of the keys on my keyboard aren't working. She has no tech background whatsoever.

- "Dog hair?" she asks.

- Take out the can of compressed air, spray beneath keyboard.

Dammit. Problem solved.